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Polly Tommey won’t judge parents who murder their disabled children. That’s part of the problem

Autism is not a death sentence and autism should not be the basis for forced euthanasia.

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Letโ€™s just jump right to the video clip. Because it needs no introduction, it is just so wrong:

The speaker is Polly Tommey. Polly Tommey has a long history of bad autism advocacy. When people think of the autism parents who just do advocacy wrong, they are thinking of people like Polly Tommey. Sheโ€™s been a voice in the โ€œvaccines-cause-autismโ€ movement for a long time. Sheโ€™s worked with Andrew Wakefield (whose unethical actions in relation to disabled patients at his hospital lost him his medical license. To name one of his many failures). This in itself demonstrates bad judgement and poor reasoning. Recall that Andrew Wakfield fictionalized an account of a parent murdering her autistic child, framing it as an act of love.

But the low point of Polly Tommeyโ€™s advocacy career came when she and Andrew Wakefield โ€œhelpedโ€ a family in crisis. They were working on a realityโ€ฆ

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A formerly misguided young adult, trying to find his way and purpose in the world and striving on to make life bearable. I am a queer, invisibly disabled Filipino and American man with Brown skin, on my way to living my life unabashed and without shame.

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